Maui Facts

Packing Your Bags For Maui

So, you’ve booked your flight and you’re now dreaming of basking in the Maui sun with sand between your toes, and the warm ocean waves beckoning you to dive in for a swim. Ahh yesss…....

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Maui Living

Maui is known by the locals as being “Maui No Ka Oi”, which means “Maui Is The Best”… and out of all of the islands it truly is a garden paradise with beautiful beaches and tropical rain...

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Honu – Sea Turtles of Maui

Today's Hawaiian word of the day is HONU. Honu is Hawaiian for turtle, and it is the green sea turtle you will most commonly see while snorkeling here in Maui waters. They are an ancient...

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Aloha Is a Way of Living

Aloha is a common word here in Hawaii which quickly translates to "hello", "goodbye" and "love". But aloha is so much more than that. Aloha is a way of living. Living with the aloha spirit...

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Maui Weather

We often are asked what the weather is like during certain months of the year here in Maui. Although we can't predict the weather of the future since Mother Nature has a mind all her own,...

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