Drive Your Rental Car to Upcountry Maui

April 21, 2013

Jacaranda in full bloom!

Welcome to Spring on Maui. One of the best places to see the colorful blooming flowers, bushes, and trees is in Upcountry. So hop into your Kihei Rental car and take a drive up to Kula, Keokea and Ulupalakua.

Another Weed

A Weed


Avocados ready to be picked.

Be Still

Be Still

Even the weeds are beautiful!

Fireweed (bad for horses!)

Fireweed is bad for horses! But pretty.





Upcountry is only a 30-40 minute drive from Kihei.


Hi Rocky

There’s Rocky

Rocky 2

He’s coming to say Hi.

Hey! I live in upcountry Maui.





Night Blooming Jasmine

Night Blooming Jasmine

Come check it out!

Many blooming flowers and trees are just growing wild.




Some Weed

Some type of weed

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