Rainbow Season

December 18, 2017

Get ready to see scenes like this on your next Maui vacation!

Driving around the island in your Kihei Rent A Car vehicle, you will surely catch a glimpse of a rainbow or two. Or, a double rainbow or two.  Rainbow sightings happen all year round here in Maui, but they are especially abundant in the winter months.

The intersection of Haleakala Highway and Makawao Avenue is a common place to see morning rainbows.

(My daughter took this picture on the way to school last week. We are in awe every time a rainbow greets us in the morning.)

It’s almost as exciting to spot these magical, moving color prisms stretched out across the sky as it is to see a humpback whale breech out in the ocean. It’s nature’s simple things like a frolicking whale or a gigantic rainbow that makes island living a gift.

All we have to do to receive these gifts is open our eyes!

From all of us at Kihei Rent A Car, Have a blessed holiday season and an inspiring start of 2018!

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