R.I.P. Tiger

May 20, 2018

Tiger’s last day on the Kihei Rent A Car counter

We are sad to announce that on May 17th, 2018 we said goodbye to our sweet Tiger kitty. She lived a long and beautiful life surrounded by many many people who loved her. As matriarch of Kihei Rent A Car’s 20 year old cat colony, she will be missed by our employees, customers and the other feline colony members who looked up to her.

Tiger first came to us in the late 1990s as a feral, full grown, yet very small cat who had recently had a litter of kittens. She was extremely skittish. Not long after our employee Michael befriended this new kitty, she gained her nickname “Ki-Ki”, which is short for “kitty kitty”, as well as her spot on our counter and in our hearts.

Tiger and her hanai sister Inky where the very first cats to call Kihei Rent a Car home. Since then we have added many little kitties to our Kihei Rent a Car family, but Tiger will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We will miss many things about our precious office cat. Things like the many typing errors Tiger made as she walked across our keyboards while we took reservations and typed up rental contracts. How on a daily basis she hung up on customers as she walked across the phones to get to her bed. We will even miss her grouchy days when we all were on high alert for happy children wanting to pet a cute cat, knowing she was not in the mood to be touched that day. We will miss the many comments customers made about her being a kitten right up until the end of her 20 year life. And all of the time we spent being entertained over and over by watching her dip her paw into a tiny cup of water to get a drink. No one ever got tired of watching that. But most of all, we will miss Tiger waiting at the front door every morning to be let in and fed like the queen she was.

Tiger greeted the employees and customers at Kihei Rent A Car for over 20 years. She was the family cat at Kihei Rent A Car, and we all love and miss her very much. We are grateful that she learned to trust us and graced us with her unconditional love for so many years.

Tiger's perfect, dainty

Tiger’s perfect, dainty paw dip & drink.

Dip and drink

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