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May 19, 2023

Last weekend the KRAC racing team did great and had a blast! Eli’s car (top left) flipped from front to back during a race; and he drove off the track: he’s fine! It was gut wrenching though, that’s for sure!

Mikol (not in picture) came in FIRST PLACE! Eli (far left) flipped during a race but is healthy & fit and will be back for more races once his car is repaired. Nani (2nd to left) is a supreme fan and screamed herself horse. Marj (3rd from left) came in 5th. Alex (2nd from right) screamed along with Nani and took great videos. And Keoki (far right) came in 6th in his FIRST RACE on the team!

Kihei Rent A Car Racing’s newest driver with his fan club.

M&M is now 18X This is one of the ways Kihei Rent A Car recycles & reuses. They are previously rented and wrecked rental cars that the pit crew takes all the glass and seats out and adds safety features.







Paradise Speedway Race Schedule:      June 10th, ​July 8th, August 12th, September 1st and 2nd, October 14th, November 11th, and Demolition Derby December 2nd (Pending)


Go Keoki Go!

Races start at sunset

Come to the races next month!

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