Sailing Around Maui

April 5, 2018

I am often asked, “What should I do when I’m visiting Maui?” When I am asked this, I usually feel a rush of overwhelm; there are so many things to do and see on Maui! I don’t know where to start. Since everyone is so different, I usually start with a few questions. “Do you like water and boats?” is always one of them.  Well, if you are one of the many Maui visitors who like water and boats, you’ve come to the right island!

Obviously, Maui is surrounded by water. But how many of us spend much time out on that water? Well, last month I got a chance to go sailing on this 44 foot sailboat at sunset. It’s called Shadowfax. They only take 6 people maximum. We REALLY sailed (compared to some boats that call themselves snorkel, whale watch or dinner cruise sailing but they have their motor on and a tiny sail up, probably just for looks.) On our sunset sail, my friend Sandi and I had so much fun! We were screaming and laughing as the boat tipped in the strong winds in Ma’alaea Bay. We were served fabulous, healthy, organic pupus as we sipped our wine. By this time the captain had found a little cove along the pali so we could put a microphone in the water to listen to the whales calling each other. Our little group bonded on this little sailboat (not really that little compared to the Sidewinder and Katyak I sailed as a kid). We were giddy from the peaceful, beautiful nature that surrounded us. The captain and his crew were pros. Overall, I would say it was a 10 out of 10 for Maui fun!

Sailing is just one of the many, many things to do while on Maui. If you have questions or want suggestions or reservations before you get here (that way you don’t waste one precious Maui minute organizing, planning, or booking things while you are here), email me at

I am here to help plan a Maui vacation that is the perfect experience for you!

Well, I’m off to Hana now for a couple of days. Look for a future blog with pictures and tips about this deep, tropical rainforest area of Maui. Take advantage of Kihei Rent A Car’s great option to “upgrade” to a Jeep Wrangler for the day you are going to Hana. Our Jeeps are allowed to go around “the backside” so you don’t have to turn around at 7 Pools.

A hui hou,

Jayne Hunkins Craine

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