Kanaha Pond Upgrade

February 20, 2024

  Longest Predator Exclusion Fence in the Nation Under Construction at Maui’s Kanaha Pond

Attention nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers! We are thrilled to share some exciting news about a groundbreaking initiative taking place right here on the beautiful island of Maui. The construction of the longest predator exclusion fence in the nation is currently underway at Maui’s Kanaha Pond in Kahului.

What is a predator exclusion fence, you may ask? Well, it is a specially designed barrier that aims to protect vulnerable wildlife species from invasive predators. In this case, the fence is being erected to safeguard the unique and fragile ecosystem of Kanaha Pond, a vital habitat for various endangered bird species such as the Hawaiian stilt and coot.

Here are some key points about this incredible project:

1. Length and Scope: Once completed, the predator exclusion fence at Kanaha Pond will span an impressive length, making it the longest of its kind in the entire nation. This monumental effort showcases Maui’s commitment to conservation and protecting its precious natural resources.

2. Protecting Endangered Species: The primary objective of this fence is to create a safe haven for the endangered bird species that call Kanaha Pond their home. By preventing predatory animals from accessing the area, we can ensure the survival and thriving of these unique creatures for generations to come.

3. Collaborative Effort: This project exemplifies the power of collaboration. The State of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources, along with community organizations and volunteers, have joined forces to bring this endeavor to life. Together, they are demonstrating the collective commitment towards preserving Maui’s biodiversity.

4. Preserving Ecosystem Balance: The predator exclusion fence at Kanaha Pond will help restore the delicate balance of the ecosystem by reducing the impact of invasive predators. This will not only benefit the endangered bird species but also support the overall health and biodiversity of the pond’s ecosystem.

5. Educational Opportunities: The construction of this fence offers a fantastic opportunity for the community to learn more about the importance of wildlife conservation and the challenges faced by endangered species. It provides a platform for raising awareness and fostering a deeper connection between people and nature.

We invite you to follow the progress of this remarkable project at Kanaha Pond. Let’s celebrate this significant step towards protecting our natural heritage and preserving Maui’s unique ecosystem.

Together, we can make a difference!

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