“How does your airport shuttle service work?”

December 5, 2023

Let us know if your flight information has changed before your travel day. We track your flight in order to organize our daily shuttle schedule.

Upon arriving, you must call 808-879-7257
BEFORE going to baggage claim.

We don’t leave Kihei until you call and we are 25 minutes from the airport.

We will tell you where to meet us when you call.


Late Arriving Flights:

We pick up flights scheduled to land BEFORE 10PM, we wait until 1030PM for delayed flights and you must be at our van WITH your luggage by 11PM.  If your flight is scheduled to land after 10PM, flight is delayed past 1030PM or you don’t have your luggage by 11PM, you will have to take a taxi on your dime to your accommodations and come to us to pick up your car the next day.


If you only have carry on bags, please call us right when your plane gets to a gate. It’s very common for planes to be delayed getting a gate. For this reason; PLEASE DO NOT CALL US UNTIL YOU ARE AT A GATE!

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